The leaves are falling, golden and slow off the trees here in Colorado, which means it is perfect temps for climbing, as well as election season. There are huge challenges we face every day. Yesterday mine was flight logistics for the next climbing adventure in Armenia, it took hours. Most of the world population have really big challenges everyday. Clean water, food, and air are not an inalienable right for most people. What can we do about that?



If we can vote in any small way to protect our natural environment, there is a chance that life will thrive and flourish in more meaningful way each year. Trees will still be here on this planet to climb, and provide shade for picknicks or bear fruit to nourish. And if we do not consider the environment when we vote next month, all those trees might be cut down. The clean water we need to stay alive will become contaminated by franking and irresponsible dumping. Our favorite red rock climbing areas will become oil fields. Our food will be spoiled by acid rain, and we will eventually choke on the dirty air big industries are fighting to make dirtier.


I hope I am able to inspire at least one person to change their vote this year. As climbers we are strong in many ways, but my ability to float hard offwidths and crimp small crimps is not going to save the planet. I want to use that O-dub skill to connect with all of you, and encourage you to stand on your soap box too. Tell all your friends that this election really f#*! matters and if the environment looses in this election, our beloved planet will become a dry lifeless astroid. AND there will be no one alive to climbing anything!


Please Vote, and Please Vote the Environment, vote for clean energy and vote with your dollars. Spend your money on products made by companies who care, eat food grown locally, organically, rais your own chickens whatever it takes to make you feel happy and healthy, and thus make your community healthy, and have a ripple effect on the world.

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