Check out the new way to support our environment!

Patagonia is now in the music business. They have collaborated with musicians and iTunes to make some money that will go towards the environment. All profits from these tracks sold by Patagonia are going to Environmental groups who are helping to protect and improve our natural world. Go check it out at

On the same note, and why I got inspired is cause one of my best friends Jacob Bain and Publish the Quest have some music on the new music player. They are totally awesome!

Hear more about it at the Dirt Bag Diaries Jacob and Fitz Cahall tell a great story about playing music in Cape Verde Africa. This Soldade song is just gorgeous! Jacob’s next adventure takes him to Zimbabwe to play in a music festival. Mikey and I are hoping to go to Mali with Jacob this winter for a combination climbing and music project, so stay tuned for that. If you would like to contribute to Jacob, and Publish the Quest’s Zimbabwe project click here.