Today was making earrings, I have a huge pile of stones from the beach, and it was like finding a needle in a hay stack looking for stones that matched to make earrings. It took 2 hours to pick through the stones, and in my frustration I thought “I will never find 2 the same….” call me particular, but it was hard!


Finally I had a pile of good ones, and put together 4 pair out of 50 plus stones….


It really made me think, who will ever know how hard I worked to create these perfect pairs out of unique found in the wild stones? And then it made me think even more, who will ever know how hard it is to make a salad grow from a farm, a chicken lay eggs, or a jacket that will keep me warm….

In this modern world it is so remarkable that we understand so little of what we buy or a service we pay for. There is so much unseen effort that we have come to expect. How will we ever learn to acknowledge the effort that goes in to the food we eat, the cliff bar in the pocket, the jacket a designer labored over, the climbing shoe that climbs so well?


The jewelry we adorn ourselves with, and the cars we drive should not be cheep. They are each huge labors of love, and we should be grateful, and not regretful for the expense. Perhaps if these economic times get harder there will be more awareness of where and how something comes to be. Maybe we will gain more appreciation for each thing as we scale down and use less? Maybe not.


Anyway, I put tons of love and creative energy in to these pieces of wearable art that I created this week, and if you would like to see what I have made please come to the Strawberry Festival on Vashon Island this weekend (July 15-17th) and find my booth. Or check out to order on line….


Let us be more aware and appreciate what we have.


Let the beauty you love be what you do

there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground