Patagonia’s Tin Shed has a host of NEW stories, movies and photos to inspire us for the spring season of adventuring…..

Go check out my favorites:

BORDER COUNTRY: Jeremy Collins and friends made an insane animation about Mikey Schaefer, Dana Drummond, and Jermey’s new route on Middle Cathedral, Yosemite. It is called Border Country, because ‘sometimes a climb is just a climb and sometimes it is more then that.’ They named their climb after a poem Johny Copp wrote just before we lost he, Micha Dash and Wade Johnson to the mountains of China. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece!

And 24 HOURS OF HORSESHOE HELL…. some of you may know this story all to well by now, but the video is a fun reminder of why it is ‘totally worth it’ to suffer while sport climbing.